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[ g e n e r a l I N F O ]

This is the personal icon journal of noveltea (formally 'sgalvin'). It will be used for posting artwork, banners, screencaps and, ironically, her icons!

noveltea is very friendly, so if you have any comments, questions, or requests, do feel free to leave a comment somewhere.

Also, if you have an aversion to black&white icons, look elsewhere. This is my style, and after nearly 6 years of icon-making, it's one that I am happy with.

[ r u l e s & N O T E S ]

If you take any icons from this journal (or anywhere, for that matter), it is simply POLITE to leave a comment and to credit the iconmaker. Icons are not made for stealing - they are made for sharing, so keep that in mind. And, if you need to know different ways to credit iconmakers, feel free to ask.

Editing Icons;
Rule of thumb: Always ASK first. Generally, the answer will be "Sure, go for it." Not all textless icons are bases, however, and are intended to be textless by the iconmaker. Also, if you edit an icon, it is nice to give credit for the original icon!

Do not do it. It is not nice. End of story.

I like to use my own screencaps whenever I can. If screencaps have been used, it will be mentioned in the notes of the individual icon posts. I usually keep the caps for a month or so, and feel free to request the caps if you would like them.

I am usually quite happy to take on requests, provided that they are not HUGE batches of requests all at once. Every so often I will open up 'STEF'S CRAZY ICON MEME' which is a free-for-all icon requesting post. Keep your eyes peeled.

Animated Icons:
Do not live here. Ever.

[ e x t r a L I N K S ]

Resources & Useful Links
TAG Directory (Start here when searching for icons!
To-Do List (What's currently in process of being made)
• FAQ (coming Soon - Feel free to ask questions)

[ a f f i l i a t e s & O T H E R ]
A number of my good friends also happen to be wonderful icon makers,
so do check them out if you have time! If you would like to be an
affiliate, just let me know, and I'll add your link to the list!

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